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Welcome To PHI Med  Medical Services Agency.

Welcome To PHIMed Medical Services Agency

PHIMed is a Medical Services Agency that provides you with the best  and well-trained licensed Nurses in Qatar. We specialize in post-operative care, following a plastic surgery procedure. Hence, it does not stop us from offering any other type of skilled nursing assistance and long-term company agreements. 

PHIMed Consultancy

PHIMed Medical Services Agency

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Specialized Post-operative Care

Skilled Nursing Care

Geriatric Care

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Why Choose Us?

> Our mission:
To help shape the future of Healthcare in Qatar by developing innovative businesses and provide for the unique needs of its people. To deliver the first and best-specialized home medical assistance, focusing on post-operative care needs, and be the most sought-after medical services agency by all cosmetic and reconstructive surgery facilities in the country.

> Our vision:
 To be the first, and best, specialized home medical assistance for post-operative care. 

Professional Care
You Can Trust

PHIMed is a Qatar-based Consultancy and Nursing Agency that aims to develop the medical industry in the country by providing optimal solutions for business development and by offering medical assistance to healthcare facilities.

“PHI,” comes from the 21st letter of the ancient Greek alphabet. In the aesthetic industry, the Phi letter is also attributed to the perfect symmetry or so-called “golden ratio” of a face. This has been the branding of the Phi Group. We are committed to redefining perfection, not only by physical attributes, but with everything that we do.

Committed To
Trusted Health Care

PHIMed is a Facility Management Agency that does all the work for you. We outsources Facility Managers and Quality Officers that are essential to your business. Opting for a Facility Management Agency to manage your healthcare facility increases the room for growth and new opportunities. There is a big increase in focus on strategy and core competencies. PHI Med’s goal is to provide efficiency and greater competitive advantages. 

Professional Management You Can Trust

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